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Tuesday, January 31, 2012 -

Article by Rosalie Keszler of Rosalie Keszler Consultants

Our time is precious. So, what do you do in your spare time? Three of our CREW Austin members volunteer to serve at the national level of CREW Network, specifically with CREW Foundation, its philanthropic arm. CREW Foundation's mission is to support CREW Network in advancing the success of women in commercial real estate through charitable, philanthropic and educational programs. Kathy Carr, Kathy Estes and Debby McCarty are CREW Austin's representatives to the Foundation. There is never a dull moment for these industrious, extremely conscientious women.

2012 CREW Foundation Chair: Kathy Carr, US Division Senior Manager of Facilities for St. Jude Medical S.C., Inc., has been named the 2012 CREW Foundation Chair. No small task, Kathy is charged with overseeing the plan to replenish the Scholarship Endowment Fund to the tune of $3 million. She has lofty goals to reach the $1 million sponsorship mark during 2012. No stranger to service, Kathy is a founding member of CREW Austin dating back to 2002, was elected to CREW Austin Board of Directors in 2003, and served as 2008 CREW Austin chapter president. She manages to juggle her work with St. Jude and her volunteer job with CREW Foundation successfully, with a lot of travel and some long hours. But she thrives on the excitement.

Kathy's passion is clear when she explained, "I got involved with CREW Foundation because I recognized the financial need current college students have. Economic reasons aside, the need for mentoring and internship are paramount for these young women. It is important to bring the next group of leaders all the way through, which resonates with me - there is a better life out there. We can show them the way through a career in commercial real estate."

CREW Foundations' funded programs include CREW Careers: Building Opportunities, UCREW University Outreach, and eMentoring, as well as CREW Foundation Scholarship Endowment and Industry Research. Additionally, CREW Foundation raises funds to support CREW Career Zone.

2012 CREW Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee: Kathy Estes, Senior VP of Corporate Banking for Frost Bank, is one of 12 chapter representatives to serve on this very important committee. Kathy, who joined CREW in 2006, is currently an officer on the CREW Austin board of directors, serving as its 2012 Treasurer. The Scholarship Selection committee is made up of the CREW Network CEO, a Board liaison, the committee chair, a Foundation rep, staff liaison, the 12 chapter volunteers and a sponsor representative. Kathy's involvement during 2012 will be to review applications, prepare evaluations and ultimately select scholarship recipients.

Kathy is well suited for this task. She advised, "We are conducting meetings through conference calls, with the concentration of work in April and May. I am hopeful that this year will produce a Texas scholarship winner. I am excited and honored to be a part of this very important piece of CREW Foundation."

As part of its 20th Anniversary celebration in 2009, CREW Network launched the CREW Network and CREW Foundation Scholarship Endowment to build a permanent fund to offer scholarships for the next generation of women leaders in commercial real estate. Working with Board, Foundation and staff liaisons, the Scholarship Selection Committee will select up to ten CREW Scholars for 2012 using the selection committee criteria for awards, and oversee and evaluate the 2012 internship program of CREW Network Scholars. The committee will select the fifth slate of scholars to be recommended to the CREW Network Board in June 2012. Additionally, this committee will take on other Scholarship Endowment/Scholarship duties as assigned. Only chapters who are founding members of the Endowment are eligible to appoint representatives to this committee.

2012 CREW Austin Chapter Champion: Debby McCarty, Business Development for Furniture for Business, is a transplant to CREW Austin, hailing from CREW Silicon Valley. Although new to CREW Austin, she was the 2010 CREW Silicon Valley chapter president and was very active on their board and on several committees. Relocating to Austin during 2011, she jumped right into the fray of CREW Austin by volunteering to serve not only as the 2012 PR Committee chair, but also as CREW Austin's 2012 Chapter Champion of CREW Foundation. Debby is adjusting nicely and has already made great connections in the community. Debby's role as Chapter Champion is to share the goals of CREW Foundation's Trustees.

"It is quite convenient to have the CREW Foundation Chair here in Austin. I have visited with Kathy Carr and look forward to working to spread the word and goals of CREW Foundation, a vital part of our mission to support women in commercial real estate," Debby stated.


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